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It’s time to rethink your warm-up.
One way you can get more out of your workouts is to warm up properly.
But what is proper warm-up look like?
Most people think it involves some stretching, possibly some foam rolling, and mobility.
While there is nothing wrong with all of this. One of our favorite quotes is “there is no warm-up for getting punched in the face.“ We understand this doesn’t have a lot to do with fitness, but the idea is that if you need to spend 20 minutes warming up to be able to touch your toes, then what you’re doing in your program really isn’t working.
Warm-ups should be preparing your body for the activity that’s ahead. Bear crawls, burpee‘s, light sprinting, jumping jacks, Turkish get ups, airdyne or rowing, anything that gets the blood pumping and is similar to the type and intensity of movement that you’ll be performing for the day is going to be an ideal warm-up.
Typically we want to do these at about 50 to 60% effort. The side benefit of this, besides getting more out of your workouts, is that your daily life is going to be easier to live.
By getting used to having your body move at a higher activity level without requiring warm-up you can reduce injuries, either inside or outside the gym.
In other words, if you can do two things by doing one thing you’ve truly found something worth investing time into.
Save majority of your mobility and stretching for after the work out, or for your off days.
Yoga or Pilates, rock climbing, or hiking would be a great option for this type of “off day” training.

So next time before you pull out all the stretches you can think of for your warm-up, rethink what you’ll be doing for the day and try and do it later version of that activity, or something similar, in your warm up.

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